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How to Understand Greenwashing and Embrace Genuine Sustainability

So what is greenwashing anyway?

Greenwashing is when companies put on an eco-conscious facade and use symbols, colors, and environmental claims, to mislead their customers. Using greenwashing, companies can exaggerate their impact when it comes to environmental operations and practices. An example of greenwashing is when companies use colors to seem more environmentally friendly in packaging. A common form of greenwashing is when companies change the typical color of their packaging and turn it green on certain products to have consumers gravitate towards them without making credible changes. 

Without making significant changes, a company can also say their product was “used with recycled plastic” even if they used the smallest amount of recycled material. There are no regulations to what words a company can use and how they may be perceived amongst buyers. As for symbols, companies can put the chasing arrows symbol on their packaging without ensuring their product is truly recyclable. It is important to understand what the different markings mean and what are the certified symbols to look out for when buying a product. Learn more about what you can do and how to identify greenwashing tactics at the United Nations “Greenwashing - the deceptive tactics behind environmental claims.”  

Cisco and How They Are Leading a New Wave of Sustainable Tech: 

Cisco has big plans for the future and is making great headway to be able to meet their goals. Being in technology, it is difficult to implement sustainable practices and ensure clean production. However, Cisco has shown they are willing to adapt to what the environment needs with a goal to be net-zero by 2040 and implementing a circular model within production by 2050. They have also stated that they will be donating 100 million USD over ten years to help invest in climate solutions. Changing production methods is a big alteration within a company and they are ensuring that their consumers can trust their process. Through their takeback program, customers can return their items to be turned into new products. This program has been amazingly successful with about 99.9% of returns getting recycled or reused within the company. They are building their company’s trustworthiness by being transparent with their target audience. Learn more about Cisco and what they are planning to do in future years to help our environment, at “We Believe in Giving Mother Nature a Voice.” 

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