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5 Ways Health Insurers Can Win the Customer Experience Game

Today, there are more opportunities than ever for insurers to better meet customer needs and build lasting relationships. Here's how to capitalize.

Health insurance may not be the first industry you think of when considering best-in-class customer service.

The entire health insurance industry is traditionally viewed as clunky, confusing, and not consumer friendly. Across the insurance spectrum health insurance has the lowest NPS across all other insurance at a mere 19%.

Let’s face it, consumers do not understand health insurance. In a world of premiums, deductibles and co-pays it can be utterly confusing, making customer service even more important to support a myriad of customer questions.

In the face of growing competition, this is the time for health insurers to re-evaluate their service offerings to compete with more nimble providers who have made their name on superior service.

Why Service Matters

Service matters more today because consumers are accustomed to the Amazons of the world -- easy and clear service that is resolved instantly.

  • Building Touchpoints + Self-Service Options: Allowing the customer to dictate how they want to interact with the company (Expedia + Lemonade)

  • Applying data to be Proactive vs. Reactive: Leverage AI and machine learning to be predictive (Cleo)

  • Empowering Service Teams to Delight: Treat customers with an added human touch (

  • Become a Trusted Partner: Show up beyond health and wellness to serve other areas of life (Hallmark)

  • Support a Community through Shared Experiences: Explore new ways and spaces to connect with consumers and create positive impacts in their life (Peloton)

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